Tom the cat (Tom & Jerry)
Tom, oh Tom. Tom knows all about the cartoon struggle. Everyone knows that a cat is supposed to protect the house from mice, but it seems that Tom needs protection from himself and Jerry…Tom is just a house cat trying to do his job of keeping the house rodent free…let’s just say he isn’t so successful. Poor Tom 😦


Bluto vs. Popeye


“Bluto is the arch enemy of Popeye and, like Popeye, wants to do the dirty with Olive Oyl. Despite having a superior strength to Popeye, he is usually beaten because of the super strength Popeye gains through eating spinach. There are some cartoons that show Popeye and Bluto as friends and Navy buddies, with Bluto usually turning on Popeye when an object of interest (usually Olive) is put between them.” –


“Wile Ethelbert Coyote seems to have an endless supply of Acme tools that he can use against the innocent Roadrunner. In every episode he attempts to destroy the Roadrunner with a bag of tricks that would make any terrorist envious. Thankfully he usually fails and blows himself up (something else the terrorists are probably familiar with).” –