Jammin’ at the MET & Give Peace a Chance!

Something a little different. Jammin’ at the MET and Give Peace a Chance are two videos dedicated to spreading love and peace! Michael Jackson and John Lennon are well represented, as is artist Jackson Pollack, there’s even a cameo from Elvis plus much more! TWO AWESOME videos!




Dick Dastardly & Muttley



“In Wacky Races, Dick Dastardly was one of the racers who competed in every episode for first place in a long and hazard-filled cross-country road rally. As his name implies, Dastardly aimed to win solely through cheating and trickery. His race car, named “The Mean Machine,” featured all sorts of devious traps for him to use against his opponents. Dastardly was always accompanied by his dog Muttley who has a very distinctive emphysemic laugh.” –http://listverse.com/2008/01/24/top-10-cartoon-villains/